We are excited to come up with different options for people to host events offering them opportunities to have fun with a hot tub and raise money for our cause.   Options can start with:

Hot tub-athon

Bobbing for ducks, apples, frogs, fish, anything that floats event from a hot tub, this is usual done during a school carnival or a kids event. 

Birthday party hot tub event, can donate some money as part of the birthday from guest or family members in the name of the birthday individual. 

Sporting event hot tub promotions.  This can be a local team, college team, professional team, racing event, virtually any sporting event that can involve and have fun with their fans.  The hosting sports team can offer fans the opportunity to sit in a hot tub during the game, the announcers during the game ask the fans to drop off a donation and pick up a brochure on the charity and how warm water helps rehab. 

Hit the hot tub golf event.  Have golf tournaments allow a small hot tub on a par 3 hole, each golfer can pay $40 or a determined amount.  whoever is the first to land a ball in the hot tub gets a $250 pay out, each player afterwards gets $75 and the remainder of the money is donated to the charity.

Hot tub retailers across the country can donate a hot tub to give away for the charity.  Customers who visit their store can buy a ticket to win a hot tub from the retailer. It can be set up with minimal amounts and the retailer can use the hot tub at events during their sales season then donate the money raised to the charity.  The retailer will be recognized nationally as a supporter of our mission.

Host a home hot tub party and use the event as a party slash fund raiser for the charity.

A polar bear plunge with a hot tub warm up. 

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