Overview of Mission


Ensure all individuals have access to safe and compliant aquatic resouces.


All communities experience the freedom, joy, and healing capacity of water.   Communities will have support to successfully plan, build, and maintain an aquatic facility.      


Passionate and Determined

We believe water changes lives daily.  We are passionate about finding aquatic solutions for everyone while focusing on rural communities. 

Pursue growth and learning

It is essential to teach the benefits of water therapy and how it helps build communities, changing lives and creates memories.  We will empower communities to acquire aquatic resources.

Uplifting and Adventurous

We will lift communities up, support them at every level full filling the freedom water provides.  

Build open and honest Relationships through communication

Communication is key, it is our platform uniting communities to support each other and share resources.  We will make sure all have access to professionals creating opportunities and reducing obstacles.    

Building up communities

The foundation of our organization is to enhance communities, helping develop aquatic solutions for all.  Water changes lives daily, every community needs to have access to an aquatic environment and have the means to maintain it for many generations to come.  We will be the resource to assure rural communities can establish and maintain an aquatic facility for as long as the community is in existence.


  • Aquatics Empowered will be the primary resource  for all aquatic therapy facilities, allowing rural communities to communicate with other communities and aquatic industry professionals.   
  • Aquatics Empowered will unite the aquatic industry entities providing a resource for all communities to find aquatic solutions, find funding, and acquire the resources to manage their facilities successfully.  
  • Aquatics Empowered will be the leading non-profit uniting all entities of the industry promoting aquatic therapy.  Aquatics Empowered can consolidate the industry donors benefiting rural communities worldwide.  The non-profit will bring a much-needed resource to rural communities that as of now are on their own to struggle through the process of providing aquatic therapy for their community.

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