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The vision for Aquatics Empowered started 19 years ago, my company had been contacted by a small town. They needed a city pool and were exhausted on options. The last bid coming in on their project was about 1 and half million. I said “we don’t build city pools! But we would love the opportunity to try! They said we were their last option. It was exciting to figure out a solution, when all was said and done we designed a pool, a small water park with a pool house and the entire project was under 600,000 compared to the million and a half. We figured out at that point we could help any community and meet any budget.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Aquatics Empowered a charitable organization who helps the disabled, service members, children, elderly, and those in need of aquatic therapy from all non-profits Launches first ever WORLDWIDE HOT-TUB-ATHON

Based in Harwood, ND, newly formed charity, Aquatics Empowered has set the dates for its inaugural worldwide fundraising event, Hot Tubbing For Hope

Troy Derheim, founder and Executive Director, stated “I couldn’t be more excited bringing people together worldwide to share a smile in a hot tub or pool.”

Hot Tubbing For Hope A first of its kind event asking people worldwide to gather friends, family, or co-workers find a hot tub or pool, plan a get together, then share photos or videos of the group participating.  Participants and corporate sponsors will be asked to donate a registration fee to participate.

Aquatics Empowered is a nonprofit whose mission brings awareness to the value aquatic therapy provides.  The charity helps communities with a focus on small communities establish aquatic facilities and maintain them profitably.  The nonprofit is the go-to resource for all other charities making sure all have access to aquatic therapy.  Aquatics Empowered helps elderly, veterans, children, disabled, and even animals find resources for aquatic therapy. 

The Charity is challenging all groups or teams participating to submit photos or short videos for event awards.  Awards will be judged on fun and creativity of the photo or video. Each category will win an award for the “best of class submission” Examples of categories include but are not limited to: teachers, fireman, police, veterans, colleges, high schools, morning show hosts, TV newscasters, professional athletes, animal trainers, physical therapists, retailers, manufactures, distributers, charities, swim teams.  

The event will be broad cast live via the internet.  The charity will be broadcasting participants around the world from established local event hub hosts.  Proceeds from the event will be used to help provide resources as well as grants for rural communities to establish or maintain aquatic resources, help individuals in need of aquatic therapy acquire access, and provide all other charities support for their beneficiaries to access aquatic therapy. 

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