Hot Tubbing For Hope

Come join us November 15th and 16th for the Inaugural “Hot Tubbing For Hope” event. Join us locally at the Bison Turf parking lot in Fargo, ND or plan your event at a location of your choice. The event will raise funds providing aquatic therapy resources for those in need in rural communities and other charities.

How it works

  • Register for the event, start a team or sign up as an individual.
  • Plan a gathering with friends or family in a hot tub at your home or aquatic facility to occur between November 15th, 6 am to November 16th, 12 midnight 2019. we are requesting a donation of $25 per participant but open to any donations.
  • You can sign up to sit in our hot tubs at the Bison Turf by registering your team, then selecting as many 30 minute time slots as you would like to take!
  • Please share your story about why this cause is important to you or a loved one and share pictures of your event activities. Get your friends, family, and co-workers to pledge for your team support.

How the funds are used

For every $10 dollars raised:

  • $8 will go to Aquatics Empowered causes: Helping children in need of aquatic therapy; helping find aquatic resources for other charities; elderly, veterans, family’s struggling with physical rehab, communities struggling to maintain aquatic facilities, helping communities establish aquatic therapy; connecting industry professionals to those in need of aquatic resources.
  • $2 will go to the operational expense of the Hot Tubbing for Hope Event

Join us to helping all who will benefit from aquatic therapy. Contact our team to learn how to get involved!

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