Hot Tubbing For Hope
Upcoming Fundraiser

Hot Tubbing For Hope

Come join us November 15 and 16th to help fundraise for the first ever Hot Tubbing for Hope. We will raise money to help promote and expand the launch of aquatics empowered helping other charities worldwide and small towns establish and maintain aquatic therapy resources.

Welcome to Aquatics Empowered

Ensuring all individuals have access to safe and compliant aquatic resources.

Aquatics Empowered is a nonprofit organization, organized and operated to assure all individuals and their families have access to safe and compliant aquatic resources.

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A drowning investigator’s plea to parents about water safety goes viral

Natalie Livingston has been in the aquatics industry for decades, training lifeguards and investigating aquatic accidents and drowning deaths. She is passionate about preventing the kinds of accidents she investigates, and that is why a Facebook post she wrote is now going viral.  Here is a list of 10 things she does to keep her own kids […]

Leo’s Story

After hip surgery, 6 year old Leo was in cast for 5 weeks. The cast covered him from his upper back to the tips of his toes. His legs were in a spread-eagle position and when he finally got the cast off, his muscles were very weak and his joints very stiff. His official recovery […]

Anthony’s Story

Our story begins when Anthony was about 7 years old, it was suggested by therapists that he swim as often as possible to increase the use of his muscles. He started to go to the Rehab Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He swam in the therapeutic pool once a week. We started to take […]

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