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Let’s bring attention to aquatic therapy

Over 38 Million Americas have limited to no mobility due to disease or bone fractures.

After hip surgery, six year old Leo was in cast for five weeks. The cast covered him from his upper back to the tips of his toes. His legs were in a spread-eagle position and when he finally got the cast off, his muscles were very weak and his joints very stiff. The informal aquatic therapy (taking him to our local Americinn to let him splash around) resulted in him exceeding all expectations for speed of recovery.  This simple idea reduced his recovery time from the estimated six months to two months.  We were beyond grateful we had an opportunity to take Leo swimming at our local Americinn. When he got his cast off, he didn’t want to even try to walk. The road ahead looked daunting, but when he got in the water, he suddenly was his old self again, stretching and moving his legs like he had before surgery. From then on his recovery was easier and more enjoyable! My wish is everyone who needs aquatic therapy can find it like we did.

Without the benefits of aquatic therapy such as; improved balance, building muscle and increased flexibility, Leo wouldn’t have had the recovery he did.

Unfortunately, access to aquatic facilities are not always possible.  With your support, we will be able to help provide access to all individuals in need of aquatic therapy.

Make aquatic therapy a reality in your community, join us November 15th – 17th for the Inaugural Hot Tubbing for Hope event. Proceeds will be used to provide access to those in need of aquatic therapy.

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